At CrossFit Dash, we are more than just a gym - we are a tight knit community of athletes that come from all occupations, backgrounds, and walks of life. All of our members work exceptionally hard, motivate others, and have inspiring stories. The CrossFit Dash community is amazing to be a part of, and we want you to know about it! Why? Because we are more proud and excited about our community than we are about anything else.

We could continue to blab on about ourselves, but it isn't quite the same - we want you to hear it straight from one of our members! 



Isabel m

" I love the programming and welcoming community. Last year, I appreciated how you stopped me to improve my technique because you cared about improving it instead of my WOD time. It takes the right affiliate to deliver on the hype that Crossfit will change your life. CF Dash perfectly executes this promise through their programming and welcoming community. If you are dedicated to your fitness goals, this gym meets you where you are at and helps you attain your them because the coaches here are, among other good qualities, knowledgeable and friendly. For a one hour workout, you will definitely get a challenging workout with high-quality coaching."


Sarah G

"I love that it's a competitive and challenging atmosphere at the same time it's a welcoming community where everyone says hi to you when you when you come in! I was just gone for a week on vacation and when I walked in today five people yelled my name and said welcome back! I made friends when initially I came for a workout!"


Davey B

"After my wife passed away I looked for things to help me process the pain. Crossfit has not only provided an excellent way to get in shape but also great relationships, a clear plan, and a healthy outlet to help me heal from my tragedy as well as provide consistent relief from the daily stresses of leading an organization and single fatherhood. I now travel quite a bit to share my story and always drop in to boxes out of town. I haven't found any box's programming, atmosphere, and community that compares to Dash's."


Michael I

"Trying to get my fitness up. It was pretty fun I must say, really tough but pretty fun! I use to be one of those guys that made fun of CrossFit, but let me tell you it's much safer than you think form is based on the individual. They teach very strict form, form breaks down even in bodybuilding. Give it a shot if you are competitive it would be awesome. I will tell you leave your ego at the door"