Our group sessions offer the same benefits as individual coaching but with an added group dynamic. Our coaching staff has developed and maintained this key factor because it is so effective in generating high intensity. You will still meet your goals and master functional movements, which allows you to push yourself to continually and consistently make progress. Classes provide a unique level of accountability and it also becomes the foundation of a connected and supportive community. Group sessions are available to our members six days a week at several convenient hours throughout the day.


FITNESS is a high energy 45 min class that blends a fast paced cardio workout with high interval weight training with CrossFit inspired function movements. 

This class is perfect for members looking for a non-stop, action packed 45 min of exercise, without the heavy weightlifting. The main focal points of FITNESS are: cardio, muscle tone, flexibility, agility training and the foundational movements of CrossFit. This is a great beginner class for those that are looking to get into CrossFit or more of a cardio workout.

A typical FITNESS class is 45 minutes and includes the following:

  • Short warm-up
  • Flexibility
  • Skill training to learn the movements in your workout
  • A workout that’s different day to day, week to week.


Wanting to get a QUICK workout in before work?

This class will be very similar to our FITNESS program and will include: a warmup to get the blood flowing, skill work, and a conditioning CrossFit inspired workout!

Olympic Lifting

Weightlifting has been crucial to the development of athletes for many years. The trainee will see improvement in speed, power, strength, and mobility. Weightlifting teaches lessons of dedication and commitment to the participating athlete who wants to truly pursue success in the sport. Weightlifting is often looked at as being artistic in movement, strength, precision, technique, and timing as all are involved in a successful lift. The rewards and challenges that Weightlifting brings is accompanied by increased athletic performance and physique to the trainee.